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About mindscope

Mindscope was born in 2016 out of a desire to help people think “smarter”; with less stress, less anxiety and less of the “I wish I hadn’t done that” reactions. We teach people how to use evidence-backed techniques that help face day to day obstacles, with lasting results. Of course, the people who may need this the most are often busy, so we aim to provide a range of options for our clients: from one-to-one sessions in person and online, tackling a client’s SMART goals, through to corporate workshops, focused on improving workplace performance.

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Dr Cristina Cioffi

Founder and lead consultant

Cristina Cioffi is a chartered cognitive psychologist and rational-emotive & cognitive behaviour therapist. With a BSc and MSc in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, she became a licensed psychologist in Milan, Italy. After moving to London, she gained a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and specialised in Cognitive Behaviour-Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (CBT/REBT) and other techniques such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness.

​“Having spent over a decade gaining an understanding of human psychology, both practical and theoretical, I now use this understanding to help others while continuing to learn from my colleagues, students and clients.”

She now divides her time between consulting, lecturing in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at the University of London and doing wellbeing research.

“Scientific research provides the basis for how we apply current techniques in our own lives and guides us to develop new ones. At mindscope we use the latest evidence-based techniques and seek to extend them.”

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Valentina Rusconi

Advisor and educator, mindscope Italy

Valentina gained a BSc and MSc in Clinical and Developmental Psychology. She went on to become a mindfulness group leader as part of the UNESCO Gaia Project. She is now a Learning Support Professional focused on promoting personal and interpersonal wellbeing at an international school in Italy.

“Any time you meet someone, you have the opportunity to learn something about yourself and others. Any time you help someone, you have the opportunity to become more alive. Any time you ask for help, you have the opportunity to grow.”

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