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One-to-one sessions

In  one to one sessions, we use a variety of methods to help you achieve your goals and overcome any challenges you may be facing. You will discover tools that you can use to improve your everyday life. We will address any unhelpful attitudes or emotions, for example any anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and unhelpful behaviours such as procrastination, sleep disturbance or unhealthy eating.


You will become able to identify non-constructive attitudes and transform them into their constructive counterparts. This will help you to manage unhelpful emotions and stressful situations. By the end you will be able to apply these tools on your own to overcome new challenges in your daily life. 


Our approach draws mainly from the well-established Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. These are integrated with mindfulness and the latest findings from cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

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Lower Ground Floor

35 Hereford Square

South Kensington

London, SW7 4TR

Currently online only
We are currently unable to take on new clients.

Accessible on multiple devices


If you want to speak to us through your phone or computer, we use a range of software to suit your needs while protecting your privacy.

Cost: £100 /session

We are currently unable to take on new clients.

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  • What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?
    Cognitive Behaviour therapy is an umbrella term that refers to a series of evidence-based, goal-directed and collaborative therapeutic approaches. CBT is based on the principle that the way we feel and, consequently, our way of living, are largely influenced by the beliefs that we hold about ourselves, others and events. CBT works on identifying unhelpful beliefs, transforming them into helpful counterparts and bringing the behaviours in line with these new helpful beliefs. This will, in turn, lead to healthier emotions. The CBT approach was first put forward in the 60s and 70s by Aaron Beck (Cognitive Therapy) and Albert Ellis (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), and since then has been refined and extended as empirical support has accumulated. CBT has been shown to be particularly effective in the management of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger management and low self-esteem.

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